Alliance Française Essay Contest 2007
A Message from Peter Rosborough, A.F. Vice-President of Education


January 3, 2007

Chers collègues,

BONNE ANNÉE! It's once again time to plan to participate in LE CONCOURS NATIONAL DE FRANÇAIS sponsored by the local Alliance Française chapter in Birmingham. This yearly essay contest has been an important event for our area, as we have produced national winners in the past. (We had a 5th place winner just last year!)

This year's contest will be taking place in colleges and high schools across the country FEBRUARY 11 – 17 (Sun-Sat). Please plan to have your students participate! The essay contest is open to students whose native language is not French. The categories for the candidates in our area are as follows:

Category A: University undergraduates with 3-4 years of college French.

Category B: University undergraduates with 1-2 years of college French.

Category C: High School students with 3 or more years French.

Category D: High School students with fewer than 3 years of French.

Participants in Categories B, C, and D are permitted to use a dictionary for the CONCOURS. Students may have up to two (2) hours to hand-write the essay, 3 pages maximum. You simply arrange a time convenient for you and your students.

As in years past, there will be no cost to you or your students to participate in the CONCOURS; the Alliance Française of Birmingham will pay all the fees associated with the essay contest. Nor do you have to be a member in order to participate, although we would strongly encourage you, being a French teacher, to consider joining the organization. Since the Alliance Française of Birmingham shares the same goals and interests as the French teachers in the Birmingham area, the Alliance offers a small monetary incentive ($50 cash gift) to your French program to accompany your participation--all you need to do is have at least one student participate in this year’s CONCOURS. The Alliance wants to show its support of what you’re doing in the classroom to promote French and expand your students’ breadth of exposure to various French language opportunities here in Birmingham.

If you wish to have your students participate in the essay contest, simply reply to this message by February 1. I will then supply you with all the specific rules, local procedures, permission slips, a copy of the paper on which the students are to write, and eventually the topics (which we receive just prior to the CONCOURS).

Some of the prizes for students placing at the national or regional level are roundtrip tickets to Paris, tours in France, scholarships for the Alliance Française de Paris, cash, subscriptions to French newspapers and magazines, as well as French books and CDs.

If you know of a French teacher in the area whom I may have overlooked but who might wish to participate, please forward this to him or her.

We sincerely hope that you will be encouraged and inspired to share the CONCOURS experience with your students. Feel free to check out the following site for other details:

We're looking forward to a great CONCOURS! Please let me hear from you by February 1.

Très amicalement,

Peter Rosborough

The Altamont School Work: (205) 879-2006

P.O. Box 131429 Fax: (205) 871-5666

Birmingham, AL 35213 Home: (205) 833-2380


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